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Entries and late entries for GCSE and A Level

Entries are made up of unitised and component entries, depending on whether the subject a candidate is taking is unitised or linear. If schools and colleges register an entry after the agreed deadline it is late and may be subject to an additional charge.


The statistical publication on Entries and Late Entries for GCSE and A Level: 2012/13 Academic year are currently designated as Experimental Statistics. These are official statistics undergoing further development work. They have been published in order to engage users in their development.

Future releases will be reported annually, following the summer examination series.

These figures have been revised on 6th December 2013 due to errors in source data.  The commentary has been changed to reflect these changes.

Entries and Late Entries for GCSE and A Level: 2012/13 Academic Year

Data tables for Entries and Late Entries for GCSE and A Level: 2012/13 Academic Year

Pre-release access

In addition to the professional and production staff at Ofqual, CCEA and DCELLS, pre-release access to the statistics of up to 24 hours is granted to the following post holders:

Ofqual Chief Regulator, Interim Chief Operating Officer, Director of Risk and Markets, Director of Regulation, Director of Policy & Engagement, Deputy Director, Regulation Operating Officer, Director of Standards, Chief Press Officer, Interim Head of Engagement, Press Officer

Department for Education Chief Press Officer

CCEA Marketing and Communications Manager

AQA PR & Media Relations Executive, PR & Media Relations Manager

OCR Media Relations Manager

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