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Chief Regulator’s statement on GCSE judicial review decision

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Chief Regulator Glenys Stacey said:

“We welcome the decision of the court that, faced with a difficult situation, Ofqual did the right thing and the fairest thing, for the right reasons.

“It’s clear from the judgement that if we had followed the course of action called for by the claimants, the value of GCSE English would have been ‘debased’, to use the judge’s own word, and many students would have received grades that they did not deserve.

“We know some students and schools will be disappointed with this. We understand that. But it’s our job to secure standards.

“The court agreed with our conclusion that the root of the problems was the poor design of the GCSE English qualification. We want much better qualifications than this, and it is time to look to the future. We have been trusted with a key role in reforming GCSEs. We will work now with all those with an interest in doing the best for our young people, to shape new qualifications that are worthwhile to study and stimulating to teach, and to ensure that they are not bent out of shape by the pressures of school accountability measures.”

The judgement is available on the UK Judiciary website.