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The blog is where we will talk about some of the issues affecting our work and the thoughts that guide what we do. We’d like to hear your thoughts on the topics and issues that we write about – all you have to do is leave a comment.

We’re moving to GOV.UK

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Over the next few weeks we will be moving our website over to GOV.UK, the single government website.

How we work to ensure the best quality of marking

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You may have seen stories in the media recently about GCSE, AS and A level marking. I have been thinking about these and how to best enable people to form a fair view of the quality of marking. First of all, it is useful to see marking in context. Some 15 million scripts and about… Read more »

Reflections on the GCSE results

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Understandably, the GCSE English results have attracted the largest share of the headlines overnight and this morning. The 1.9% drop in grades A* – C in this important subject looks significant. And we are seeing that a minority of schools have seen their results fall beyond expectations, while others have seen improvements. So let’s consider… Read more »

Waiting for results

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A level results come out next week, with GCSEs the week after, and many thousands of young people and their families are waiting in nervous anticipation. In recent years, we at Ofqual have made a conscious decision to use this time ahead of results to talk openly about how the system works and to point… Read more »

Creative subjects do have a place in education

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It’s been a week since we released our consultation on the reform of remaining subjects at GCSE and A level. Commentary on social media and in the news suggests that many still believe we want to ‘scrap’ qualifications in the arts; and design and technology. But this couldn’t be more wrong. There’s a host of creative… Read more »

Practical Science

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Practical work and experimentation is at the heart of science. It matters to science students, their teachers and their future universities and employers. But A level students do not always have the chance to do enough of it. Practical work counts for up to 30 per cent of the final grades and the vast majority… Read more »

Setting standards

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Students will be sitting exams for some new GCSEs in summer 2017. We want to be clear with them, ahead of 2017, about the new grading system and the levels of performance expected.

Making a mark…

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We published our final report into exam marking last week. It’s a good piece of work, worth a read to get a full sense of what is going on. Perhaps inevitably however, the media focused fairly narrowly on what we had to say about appeals rather than on the broader marking system as a whole. … Read more »

Happy New Year – and an outlook for 2014

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Hello all and Happy New Year. I wish you all the best for 2014. Like many of you, we are facing another busy and challenging year. Qualifications reform will continue to be a major priority, of course. We will begin consultation and discussion soon on how we are to set performance standards for new GCSEs,… Read more »